Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's raining cats, hallelujah!

        It's raining. It's pouring. I'm eating velveeta. Who's got wet toes this evening? Not this lady.The forecast this week is very promising for my yellow rainboots. I was pretty excited I got to wear them this morning since the opportunity doesn't rise too often. My handy dandy umbrella got to stretch it's spines as well. I'm a big fan of playing in the rain, don't get me wrong, but when I've got places to be and people to see, as I often do being the cool cat that I am, I like to maintain my status as the driest kid on the block.

I've got umbrellas on my umbrella!

        My trusty rubbers, Mr. Umbrella, and I voyaged first to class, where we watched the third episode of The Walking Dead, and then made our way to Wally World, since Fibby was running low on kitten chow. I normally don't allow myself near grocery stores when my belly is less than half full because I become ravenous and want to gobble up everything in sight, but I didn't have time for breakfast today. So, though as per usual, Fibby's needs took up the majority of my expenditure, I did sneak some munchies in. My selections: Velveeta and Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake (my favorite, I love the chunks of crust)... perfect for this wet day.
 The velveeta was boss.

        Now, the angry growls I was receiving from my tum have subsided. Fibby was not really all that thrilled about the new bags of the same food she's been eating forever, as I expected, but I mix it up with the treats so it's okay. Her newest bag is the whisker lickin's tender moments, chicken flavor. She's indifferent to it. No competition against the whiska's temptations, creamy dairy flavor though. All that's left on the agenda before work today is to find a movie to watch. I'm trying to resist watching all the remaining episodes of The Walking Dead on Hulu so I don't spoil the joy I've been getting from it in class for the rest of the week. We will probably end up taking a cat nap too because this rain is making both Fibby and I awfully sleepy, and because napping has sort of taken over my evenings before work ever since I started indulging in them.

she went to bed, bumped her head, and couldn't get up in the morning!

        Perhaps, I'll wait until later tonight to dip into the Ben & Jerry's... but I have a feeling I'll find room in my full belly, oh say... half-way through whatever Fibby and I end up watching. ^.^

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fibby frolicks (somewhat) freely

        This past week has been somewhat of a drag since I've been oh so sick.. so I was happy as a clam when I woke up feeling the teeniest bit better yesterday morning. The other day I pulled into a parking space at the presumably people-free parking lot at my school and immediately hocked a giant loogey to de-mucus my pathetically sick self the second I opened my car door. Then I looked up to see the horribly disgusted face of this dude on his motorcycle in one of the surrounding spots near my car. It was pretty embarrassing.. so I awkwardly explained that I wasn't throwing up and then I ran away to class. I managed to have a less mortifying experience parking yesterday though and I got to class to find out that we are now watching all 6 episodes of The Walking Dead as opposed to staring blankly off into space and twiddling our thumbs for 90 painful minutes. I was ready to high-kick some zombies when I walked out of class and ran into my friend who mentioned something about the fact that it was Friday, which I was completely unaware of. Finding out it's Friday when you aren't aware is like.. receiving a present for absolutely no reason. All I gotta' say is, yesterday morning was golden.
        After I went home to hang out with Fibby for a little bit, I embarked on my journey of errands. I had a photo shoot today (I'll get to that later) which I had to find props for and Fibby needed some flea medicine. I managed to find some confetti and giant sunglasses.. so the props were a bust but that didn't really matter much because I only needed those two anyway. Petsmart was the highlight of my evening activities. It was there that I got not only Fibby's flea medicine, but also her new purple leash/harness and some Pet Head Feelin' Frisky waterless shampoo, blueberry muffin scent. I didn't have enough time before work to blueberry muffin-ize Fibby, but I did take her for her first walk. It was the first time she was outside since it was her home. It is safe to say that she is much happier in her new home because she greeted the outdoors as if the Kamikaze was going down in my front yard... or maybe she was freaking out about the leash? Either way, I sympathized for her because she is my love nugget and I let her take her precious time. She ended up getting out of her harness (granted, this is my fault for not realizing it was on wrong) and she ran into the garage to hide under numerous things that include the stupid fake christmas tree and the dusty, cob-web ridden badminton set. I coaxed her to come out of hiding to give it another go, put her harness on (correctly) as well as tightened it just to be safe, and although we didn't make it past my driveway, we did lay in the grass a while. 

She's staring at gnats buzzing around.

        When it was time for me to go inside to get ready for work, Fibby had to have one last spurt of insanity and she made a dash for the underneath of my car while I on the other hand thought we would casually walk to the door like a normal mommy daughter-cat pair. She was going for the tire. I guess that big hunk of rubber was just calling her name.

 She got her harness a bit dirty.

        After I pried her from the position she's in above, I set her on the ground again and she acted as if nothing had ever happened and proceeded on the short trek we were making to my front door. I'm going to keep walking her and eventually she should get the hang of it. The thing I like about having a leash is that I can take her with me places without having to worry about her having a potty. Cats are perfectly fine with popping a squat in sand, and that's sort of abundant here. Other than that it is just convenient and I like the idea of "Adventures With Fibby" <---- Soooooo coming soon (once she learns how to walk with it, which will probably take a while).
        The photo shoot I mentioned was for my senior portraits. It was ridiculously windy but it was also ridiculously fun. Maureen, my photographer/PWilly friend, did the shoot for me and we were playing a game of pass the cough drops the whole time. Obviously, I don't have the pictures right here and now to show you guys and I don't want to ruin the surprise so all you people are allowed know is that it consists of confetti and giant sunglasses among other things that I choose not to share at this moment in time. Now I'm zipping my lips, locking them, and throwing away the key. It's really hard to talk now, with my lips zipped up so I'll leave you there (ooooooh, cliffhanger). Keep your eyelids peeled for posts containing pre-adventure training with Fibby and the photographs from my photo shoot today!

Oh yeah, I just sprayed that pet head stuff on Fibby. She smells amazing!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fleas freak for Fibby's fabulous fur

        I got home from work today to kiss my cuddly kitty hello and was surprised to find a flea on her little face. I tried to squash it but the little bugger was too quick and nestled itself further and further into her fur. While I was following this particular flea about her body, (which she took as playing) I found quite a few more and this led to the topic of this blog post I am writing to you all now! Fibby got a dawn dish soap flea bath, yes she did... just when my scratches from the last one were almost completely healed too. We upgraded from the sink to the bathtub, seeing that she grew a little bit in the time frame between the last bath and this one. This was both a good and bad idea. I suppose it would have been a fabulous idea all around if I had removed the shower curtain...

because it was her main escape route.

        Then my mom and our neighbor popped in to say hello in the middle of the battle and my mom dutifully dove into the action and took her role as camera woman for Fibby's Modern Life.

Trying to pry her off, which took many attempts and resulted in even more scratches.

        Fibby actually behaved extremely well compared to the last time. I only have a few battle wounds and she only attached herself to the back of my neck, once. But really, she did good. After the first ten minutes or so, she accepted her miserable fate that was presented to her and let me bathe her.. she might have even enjoyed it (gasp). Afterward, it looked like Japan's tsunami did a u-ey right into my bathroom. too soon, man...There was one casualty; my beautiful, completely unscathed work uniform that I have been flinging tartar sauce and lemons around in all day was not overlooked in Fibby's rendition of the horrific natural disaster (to my mysterious viewer(s?) in Japan.. I am sorry). A whale could have been set free in there (where's Stephanie?). 

Please just pretend I don't look so absolutely horrid. I just washed a cat immediately after working a morning shift at a seafood restaurant.

cowering calmly in the corner after letting me towel-dry her.
 enjoying some well-deserved kitty treats.

Oh hai, there you are, Stephanie.

        Overall, though, I would have to say that this bath was a fail for two reasons. The first being that I could not coerce Fibby to remain calm for the entire duration of the bath (though the fact that she calmed down at all is a real breakthrough) and the second being that I think she still has a few fleas. Dawn dish soap ain't got nothin' on them bad boys I reckon... or maybe all the fleas fled (get it?) to her noggin where the toxic bubbly stuff was nowhere to be found, free country in flea-land, if you will. I will just have to ask the kind people of Banfield about that when I take her in for her spay on April 29th and continue the temporary de-flea-er baths until then.

Grade A fail :(

        Now, I have to go... partially because Fibby no longer wants to share the interesting aspects of her life with you all
 I said NAY!
        and partially because if I leave now, I should be able to get to my frand's house in about three hours CAUSE IT'S SPRING BREAK 2011 IN PANAMA CITY BEACH!!!!!111

         Google didn't find any sb pcb '11 photographs that express my feelings about the season (even though I accept that it stimulates our economy and gives me the fat paychecks that make my heart flutter). However, it did lead me to this gold nugget of "a thousand words". 

  ^ Fibby would totally be there for me like that if I were in those circumstances.

        I bid you adieu.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The cat's IN the bag

        I think that's the corniest title I've come up with yet! I thought it was appropriate though,  considering that Fibby decided to wake me up with the sound of rustling plastic this morning.. just keeping it fresh I suppose. She was having a ball in my package that I planned on returning this evening. I wasn't upset though, because even though I was planning on waking up at 9 to get ready for work, 7:30 wasn't too bad.

 geeeewd morning.

        This also gave me plenty of time to thoroughly enjoy my morning sudoku, jumble, comics, horoscope, and cookie crisp. =)

I used to read Ask Amy, but now it's Amy's daughter, and she is full of lies and bad advice.

        This is where I dozed off and decided to finish this post today, the 15th. 
         So anywho, I had to work a dirty double yesterday at work, which is the reason that I was too lazy to inform you all of the breaking news after I had gotten all clean and sparkly and was relaxing in bed. It was worth the wait though, because boy oh boy do Fibby and I have some other stuff to tell you now. We woke up much more peacefully today, at a happy 10:30, and at our own free will.


       I'm pretty sure that Fibby was already up and at 'em though because when I went to brush my teeth I found a little surprise. 

 it's kind of funny how there's a scratching pad thing right next to it. 

         I took this as her way of telling me that because I didn't clean her litter box yesterday, I don't deserve a proper restroom either. Soooo I cleaned her potty, and we went to wake up my pup.

 in his usual chair.

        Again we read the funnies and our horoscopes, scoffed at the title above Ask Amy, and we skipped sudoku and jumble today. Now I'm sitting here.. I haven't got a clue where Fibby might be. She's probably perched somewhere, ready to scare the bejeebus out of me when I travel in her wake. Since she's not here right now, I have a confession to make.. I've been cheating on Fibby... with... the animals at the pet store!

 Oh, please don't tell her. It meant nothing!

        I swear I'll never speak to the homewrecking bunny again. (It was a rather rude bunny anyway and as for the bedroom, err cage, hellooooo jackrabbit.)
So, I've been doing this for a while now... and I'm starting to wonder how you all feel about it. I've gotten quite a few views from blowing it up on facebook and there is even a few views from Japan (reveal yourself). However, I haven't gotten a single comment or e-mail. I would just like to know what you guys like about the blog and what I should do to improve. E-mail me at or you can leave comments on the bottom of each post using just your name or as an anonymous user (please do e-mail me if the comment forum isn't working for whatever reason). Toodaloo!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Roadtrip to Hell

        First off, I'll have you guys know that Fibby and I took another four hour nap after I got home from class today. This is because she decided to keep me up all night last night. It's funny how such a tiny critter can take up such a large portion of the bed when she finally grows tired from the parties that she throws on my face. I woke up a little grumpy today.. though normally, even when I wake up from little sleep, I won't bite your head off as long as I'm allotted just a little bit of quiet time. I also like to sleep with the fan on and wake up with the fan off. Obviously, that's not really possible unless I go-go-gadget extendo arm, have a fan slave, or get one of those nifty clap-on clap-off things (but don't those only work for lights?). I just hate crawling out of my warm, down comforter to face the cold, windy, cruel world and to Fibby attacking my face when my body limbs are all hidden, since I sleep like a caterpillar in a cocoon. I've gotten used to her waking me up this way by now, but this morning she did this with her claws retracted as if she was compelled by Satan or something. She actually managed to draw blood on my chin. 

        So, I left the house slightly peeved at my kitty, but after I got home and as I mentioned, took a four hour nap, all was good within the neighborhood. I had a few errands to run and Fibby is normally a big fan of car rides, so I took her with me. I wish she had told me before we left my humble abode, that she was not in the mood to drive around with me, but instead she just held her sand-papery tongue so she could get her revenge for my bitter mood and for my not saying goodbye to her this morning. No, she didn't poop on me again. She just... made the trip very unpleasant by squirming, threatening with her claws, attaching herself to places.. the like. I think the reason that she acts this way in the car now is because she's gotten smart enough to know that there are times when our 'road trips' end up with her getting a thermometer up her butt, shots, and other unpleasant things. Either way, it is about time I invest in a kitty carrier. The decision has been made... no more happy parrot cat unless we are in the safety of my home.
        One good thing that did come of our adventure is that many of my fellow employees at Pineapple Willy's finally got to meet her, as I needed to go there to get some forms signed. She is something of a celebrity at PW's. 

 My bronzer is leaking off of my face.

        Now we're home and happy as can be. She's taking a nap and I'm eating lasagna before work. My love for her carries on despite the events that took place in the past 15 hours. 

 Go, Gadget, Go!

Friday, March 4, 2011

We have risen from the dead!

        Howdy doody! Fibby and I just woke up from a four hour nap and whenever we both woke up we decided to give you guys a little what's up. The Jersey Shore is in Panama City Beach and we all know what that means... that means that life as Fibby and I know it has remained exactly the same.

        Okay, but in all seriousness, the past couple days were somewhat eventful. I had Tuesday and Wednesday off this week and Tuesday ended up being dedicated to Fibby. She requires my full attention for a whole day from time to time. We watched Moulin Rouge, which I sobbed through, and did other fun kitty stuff like frolicking throughout my house. This is what I call a lazy day, so get off my nuts. On Wednesday, Fibby cried at the house all day while I ditched her to go hang out with Stephanie. That last sentence makes me feel like a real jerk. :c
We...... went to the beach!

... played pool!

... aaaaaand saw Gnomeo & Juliet!

 I'm sorry that I was lazy and didn't feel like scanning this.
        Gnomeo & Juliet was awesome... YOUR LAWN WILL BE AFRAID TO GROW. As was The Adjustment Bureau, which we saw last night after I got off early. I also got to see my friend Ryan yesterday, who seemingly fell off the face of the earth for the past couple months. We ventured to the bank, wally world to get this cool hat and some bandanas...
 I'm feeling pretty thuggin' lately. 
        .... to Mellow Mushroom (the best pizza place EVAR), and to my house to nerd out on some sonic & sega all-stars, even though we didn't both get to play since I haven't invested in a second controller. If Fibby had opposable thumbs, I totally would.  I should get the chance to avenge my skills after work tonight though, with him and his lady friend, Lindsey, since they have two controllers. Stuuuuper stoked! I know that all that probably wasn't THAT wild or anything, but Fibby and I are pretty easily amused.. especially Fibbs; she gets excited when I use the restroom or open the closet. 
 Ahh, childhood. Possey out.
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