Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fleas freak for Fibby's fabulous fur

        I got home from work today to kiss my cuddly kitty hello and was surprised to find a flea on her little face. I tried to squash it but the little bugger was too quick and nestled itself further and further into her fur. While I was following this particular flea about her body, (which she took as playing) I found quite a few more and this led to the topic of this blog post I am writing to you all now! Fibby got a dawn dish soap flea bath, yes she did... just when my scratches from the last one were almost completely healed too. We upgraded from the sink to the bathtub, seeing that she grew a little bit in the time frame between the last bath and this one. This was both a good and bad idea. I suppose it would have been a fabulous idea all around if I had removed the shower curtain...

because it was her main escape route.

        Then my mom and our neighbor popped in to say hello in the middle of the battle and my mom dutifully dove into the action and took her role as camera woman for Fibby's Modern Life.

Trying to pry her off, which took many attempts and resulted in even more scratches.

        Fibby actually behaved extremely well compared to the last time. I only have a few battle wounds and she only attached herself to the back of my neck, once. But really, she did good. After the first ten minutes or so, she accepted her miserable fate that was presented to her and let me bathe her.. she might have even enjoyed it (gasp). Afterward, it looked like Japan's tsunami did a u-ey right into my bathroom. too soon, man...There was one casualty; my beautiful, completely unscathed work uniform that I have been flinging tartar sauce and lemons around in all day was not overlooked in Fibby's rendition of the horrific natural disaster (to my mysterious viewer(s?) in Japan.. I am sorry). A whale could have been set free in there (where's Stephanie?). 

Please just pretend I don't look so absolutely horrid. I just washed a cat immediately after working a morning shift at a seafood restaurant.

cowering calmly in the corner after letting me towel-dry her.
 enjoying some well-deserved kitty treats.

Oh hai, there you are, Stephanie.

        Overall, though, I would have to say that this bath was a fail for two reasons. The first being that I could not coerce Fibby to remain calm for the entire duration of the bath (though the fact that she calmed down at all is a real breakthrough) and the second being that I think she still has a few fleas. Dawn dish soap ain't got nothin' on them bad boys I reckon... or maybe all the fleas fled (get it?) to her noggin where the toxic bubbly stuff was nowhere to be found, free country in flea-land, if you will. I will just have to ask the kind people of Banfield about that when I take her in for her spay on April 29th and continue the temporary de-flea-er baths until then.

Grade A fail :(

        Now, I have to go... partially because Fibby no longer wants to share the interesting aspects of her life with you all
 I said NAY!
        and partially because if I leave now, I should be able to get to my frand's house in about three hours CAUSE IT'S SPRING BREAK 2011 IN PANAMA CITY BEACH!!!!!111

         Google didn't find any sb pcb '11 photographs that express my feelings about the season (even though I accept that it stimulates our economy and gives me the fat paychecks that make my heart flutter). However, it did lead me to this gold nugget of "a thousand words". 

  ^ Fibby would totally be there for me like that if I were in those circumstances.

        I bid you adieu.



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