Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fibby speaking,

        Yo, meow meow meow, what! 'Aight but listen, Amanda be trippin'. She been leavin me at the house all day err'day lately and I 'bout had it. I recognize a girl's gotta make some money one way or another but it get me so fired up sometimes I just wanna keep her up all night knockin' her valuables off her dresser. You don't even wanna' know what happened with the doggy door incident. Why can't a kitty get a whiff o' that sweet stuff the canine's been sniffin'? The fresh air in this hood is grade a, daw' but ya' see me sniffin' it? NO, 'cause my mommy thinks its too dangerous . The street's where I belong, mayne. When my pops ditched out after the fire when I was only a couple weeks old, you see me cryin' under a shed? Maybe, but dat's beside the point, daw'. Da' point is I was raised in da' hood an' I kno what its like. I'm hard, daw', an' if Amanda keep babying me like I'm 6 months old, the toilet paper's gonna' get it. Yea, she'll see. I mean, all due respect, I love my momma. She boss, mayne. Feed me treats all da' time an' clean my crib up real nice like. 'Dis is pimp kitty livin'. All I'm requestin is I be treated like the tough feline I is. My possey got 'nuff o' a good laugh out o' this wack collar she had the nerve to put on me. All I want is a lil' bling bling, ya' feel me?
     I'ma backtrack right quick 'cause I realize I just let my temper get a little outta' control.. happens when I get shorted my fix o' catnip. Yea, see, Amanda been workin' hella' lot. I miss ma' momma an' I not ashamed either, maynes. Who's I sposed to chill with, specially when I can't meet up wit' my possey what with the outdoors bein' all off limits now. Brodi's cool an' err'thang but damn he's stupid. He's my brother from another mother, don't get me wrong, sometimes I just wanna' associate with some more complex minded individuals an' discuss concepts o' life an' naptime. Just 'cause I don't talk formal don't mean I aint' got no colorful mind. Nah, stuck ridin' solo all day. 'Least I got mah sick beatz tho.

        Yeeeeeeea kittayyyy. 'Aight well it come that time fo' me to split. Gotta' go chill wit' Amanda fo' a bit before she rides out. Later mayne.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking you need to clean up your writing. You are limiting your readers.

Fibby's Modern Life said...

Thanks for the constructive criticism. I took your advice. I was a little skeptical about this post from the get-go due to Fibby's "gangster" way of speaking. I want my writing to be funny, not offensive.



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