Monday, June 13, 2011

Fibby slays evil supervillain, Dr. Possum.

        I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that I think my cat is a superhero, right? Well, guess which super-feline saved her first damsel in distress last night. That's right, if it weren't for Fibby I'd be possum-chow. I get home (rather late, mind you. so I contemplate passing out instantly on my bed), brush my teeth and wash my face, put my jammies on, and curl up in bed. All is going well, just watching some toons and playing with my new phone.. and I keep hearing rustling noises coming from beside my bed. I look over, and see Fibby sniffing at my trash can. I just assume she's trying to eat paper out of it or something silly. So I just say, "Hey you crazy cat, leave my trash alone. Now get on out of here 'fore I call the popo", (except it was more along the lines of "Fibby, stop"). Anyway, she keeps sniffing at my trash can so I finally get up to go look at it. I pulled back a magazine from on top and instantly see a little bug-eyed, ratty face hissing at me. You can imagine my reaction. I am lucky that my already weak bladder (I nearly pee every time I laugh too hard) didn't give out on me and that my initial thought to scream bloody murder did not completely process before I realized that screaming would probably launch the creature into an attack. on my face. Instead I just walked out of my room... then turned around and grabbed fibby and then walked out of my room again. I ended up getting my pops to take care of the situation. He trapped it with the trash can and an old 35 gallon cat-litter container, which we have lots of, 'cause Fibby loves pooping and my mother loves collecting giant cat-litter containers.. I guess. Long story short, Fibby saved the day and now there's one less evil possum terrorizing the house. In case you haven't put two and two together from older posts about the doggie door issues we went through with Fibby and my dog, Brodi, we're assuming the rodent got in through there. The door hadn't been open all day though which can only mean one thing.. the possum had been relaxing in the comfort of our home for at least 24 hours devising his plan to take over our household. But not on Fibbys watch! No siree, bob. Honestly, I'm just happy that I didn't fall asleep with the possum locked in my room with Fibby and myself because I'm pretty sure it would have kicked her ass.. and my face's.. ass?
       I kind of view the possum ordeal as just the cherry on top that made me laugh at all of all the curve-balls life's been throwing at me for the past couple days. In less than 48 hours I managed to wash my phone and break the window in my car. On the bright side, I got a shiny new phone and my window might finally work properly after the beast gets out of the shop. Not to mention does my shiny new phone have a better camera/effects which means better pictures to share with you guys! ('cause we all know I'm too lazy to ever use my actual camera). 

Playing with the lomography settings on my adorable, sleeping test subject. 

this effect is ironically called "hard day". 

    trying to show you guys my wwf shirt that my sister got me for my birthday!

        Speaking of my birthday, I never spoke of my birthday. It was on June 8th and I'm now an 18 year-old lady. I had a blasty blast and I kissed a moose and a butt at mcguires while a man sang at me directing me to do so.

"Kiss the moose, kiss the moose, kiss the moose!"

"Kiss the butt, kiss the butt, kiss the butt!"

        Needless to say, it was a pretty great birthday... followed by a not-so-great week, but hey, Fibby and I are still smiling. So all is well, as long as there aren't any more possum incidents because I don't think my heart can handle that again... unless the possum was declawed/de-fanged and covered in glitter or something.


Anonymous said... (find me on facebook) I have a crush on your pix =) .....<3

Fibby's Modern Life said...

this might be sad but I have no idea how to search for you on facebook with your e-mail so post a comment to fibby's fan sight and I will add you :)

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