Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fibby's fan page for facebook

        Good news, people. Fibby's Modern Life has crossed the boundaries between good and evil and we are now attacking the world via the most popular social networking site to date. That's right; we're facebook official! So here is a little button for you to click if you'd like to support our transition to the dark side.

        Now that is something beautiful. In other news, Fibby and I have been preparing ourselves to take large steps in our lives and that is why we have been a little MIA. Fibby will be coming to terms with the fact that she will never bear children after tomorrow which although she may not be as complex-minded as those of us that walk on two legs, I'm sure that is a bit heavy especially considering it is a choice she is not able to make for herself. Mommy knows best though and no cat of mine is going to be a lady of the night for all the cats on the block to impregnate should she escape into the wild again. Also, I am about to spread my wings and fly from the nest as I am graduating from high school on the 18th of May.

Hip, Hippo-Ray!

        Coincidentally, my doorbell just rang with the package containing my awesome-possum graduation announcements from tinyprints. Weird. Well, I guess I'm off to addressing these bad boys while Fibby has a good ole' time with the tissue and cardboard box. Toodaloo!


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