Sunday, June 26, 2011


        Fibbysniffpoo... is my username for pretty much everything that I need a username for modern enough for Fibby to have been in my life when I created it (e.g. ps3 network, word feud, etc.). I almost forgot how I came up with such a witty username until Fibby lost her collar for a couple of days. You see, on the back of Fibby's tag on her collar I had gotten enscribed, "AM I LOST? :( CALL MOM! 000-000-0000) except my number isn't entirely made up of zeros as cool as that would be. The point is that I couldn't find her collar anywhere and it dawned on me what would happen if Fibby got lost without her collar or if she had gotten lost with her collar and then somehow lost it again like she managed to do every few weeks. Then I looked at her face. She's got to be the only cat I've ever seen that has half a hitler stash/ poo stain underneath her nose. So duh, I would just have to post a bunch of flyers bearing the message, "BROWN-NOSING CAT DOES NOT ACTUALLY KISS ASS, PLEASE RETURN TO OWNER 000-000-0000" and that would be that.

    Interesting Photographs of the Week

 visiting Aunt Hay Hay

heart-shaped.. everything! 

speaks for itself... thanks to my "little photo" app with the instant film setting  

just another key for my collection 

stealthmaster just before the peak of her attack 

My darling pride and joy

        By the way, feel free to play word feud with me since you all know my username now, but be prepared; most of my opponents resign when they realize the level of skill I have at that game. ;) Now I am off to go have a mini reunion lunch with a bunch of kids I used to pick my boogers with. I shall contain details of my blast from the past in a consecutive post.


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