Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm a big cat now

        My darling Fibby is practically all grown up now. Where did all the time go? Sigh.. I know she's not even a year old yet and is technically still a kitten but she seems to be almost fully grown by now, not to mention is she Miss Independent these days. The only time I ever get to snuggle her is when I get home from work.. and that's only if I can catch her and also only because I do that everyday so by now it's habitual to her. I might get lucky every now and then when she's groggy after her naps but that's a gray area as far as snuggling goes for sure. This entire past month has really been a wake-up call.. which is why I haven't been posting as frequently as usual (and I sincerely apologize a thousand times but a girl's gotta get her priorities straight and I didn't even take a shower for three days straight at one point in the past 13 since my last post. Hygiene is one of those that simply have to come first) . Fibby's not the only one that's growing up. I keep expecting to wake up and feel like I actually am done with the high school chapter of my life and it has yet to come.

 You'd think the cap and gown would've done the trick.

         I feel like it might be partially due to the fact that I was hardly at school ever since the last half of my junior year thanks to all the periods of co-op and lazy teachers that never cared if I was tardy or even attended class. However, even though I still don't have whatever feeling it is that usually accompanies graduating, I do feel the real world taking me into its not-so-comforting arms. Work, work, work, broken hearts, and that big nagging question mark over my head asking me what I'm going to be doing with the rest of my life, and more work. 

for a lack of better words..

        Stress. Honestly, the only reason this picture appealed to me when I googled "stress" to find a relative picture to throw in there is because it's a frazzled kitty for Christ's sake... but when I saw the word underneath it (even though I searched google images for the very word), I thought.. "Why would I want to be stressed out about life right now? Isn't this supposed to be a fun, happy period of freedom from.. stress?". So I've decided that shall be my new mentality. My darling friend sent me a picture earlier that expresses this new resolution of mine perfectly. 

So, I too, shall not give a fuck.

        Fibby and I, from now on, do not give two fucks (one allotted to each that we both do not give).. and while we are so busy not giving fucks we will be having lots of fun. 'Cause at this point, that's what life's all about. 



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