Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I cut my hairs!

        Well, I know it's not breaking news or anything, but I got my hurr' did.  So I thought I'd show you guys cause maybe it's interesting or something? 

 I got me some bangs!

        Yep, I think I rock it. I got some bangage and lightened it too :D Fibby likes it! I think she was more interested in venturing outdoors with me when I was taking pictures of it in the sunlight though. 

 we have the cutest weeds in our yard.

 and they match my nails ;D


        So you remember how I told you that my face got super burnt last time I went to the beach? Well, I put some lotion on it and it had a horrible reaction and looked like a carpet burn on my forehead. It was real cool. My new bangs should help me avoid that this summer which seems to be coming pretty early here in the sunshine state.. and I'm happy as a clam about that! I wish I could take Fibby to the beach but she'd probably just run away and pop a squat on someone. That would be super. I'd really enjoy that. Anywho, we're not really doing much now. I'm about to go work out my huge muscles and make Arnold Schwarzenegger jealous. Should be fun! Bye bye!


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