Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fibby got her shots today :(

        Well, today Fibby got her shots after I rescheduled her appointment for the third time because I have the memory of a goldfish. She loves car rides but I think she has been to the vet enough times to recognize it because as soon as she realized where we were she had a melodratic kitty breakdown. At least she didn't poop on me again though.  I sang buy u a drank to her on the way to calm her nerves.

I'm pretty tone deaf, so don't make fun of me. 

        Fibby really does love my singing. It's pretty cute. Sometimes she will be super duper hyper, or scared (if my sister's here) and I'll start singing, and she'll come sit in my lap and start purring. It makes me d'awww.  So at the vet today, she kept hiding behind me on the bench in the room like the vet was gonna come in and be like "Oh gee, Fibby's not here, guess I'll just stick this thermometer up your bum instead, Amanda". After her anus was violated, she went and got her booster shots. It was sad, but I didn't have to watch it. Also, we found out she gained a whole pound. What a fat lard, right? She was a bit less chill on the ride home since she was peeved with me. Every now and again, she'll try to get on the floor by my gas and brake pedals and it scares the poop out of me! I couldn't imagine having to decide between crashing or killing my precious Fibby-kins by braking. Maybe I should get a kitty carrier for the car rides.. but it isn't very difficult to keep her away from the floor, so I'll probably just stick to letting her chill in my lap, or on my shoulder when she feels like being parrot-cat.
 This is for you, Haley. (my number one blog follower)

        After the vet, Fibby got her catnap on and I did all my dern laundry and washed all the pine tree jizz off of my car. I hate Spring-time with a passion. Pollen, fog, pastels... it's all stupid and I hate it. Florida has been very awesome lately though and it is normally only foggy in the morning-time, then it is sunshiney beach weather. I managed to not burn the last time that I went. 

 My new yellow shades are suhweeeet!

        Fibby's maw-maw, whom she loooooves, wanted me to tell you guys about her favorite toy. This is her blue foam soccer-ball. I don't know why it is her favorite, but it is. My dog, Brodi, always steals it and stashes it in the backyard because he is jealous of her. But I love him too. See look, here's a picture of him. 

 I love you too, little man.

        But yeah, the blue ball is the glory of all foam balls in her eyes, which is weird 'cause yellow is my favorite color so of course it's hers too.Another reason why I think this is weird is because I was under the impression that cats are colorblind. After a quick (and for that reason perhaps not 100% accurate) google search, though,  I've discovered that they can actually see shades of blue and purple.. so maybe that's why she likes the blue ones. Anywho, I bought her some more foam balls today at PetSmart, so she would not be without one if some of them got lost in Brodi's fits of revenge and she is not diggin' them. They are the same exact thing. There is even a blue one, but this does not please Fibby. So I guess I'll just scatter them about the house until she accepts them.  

 Oh yeah, the funnies are a runner-up.

       It's sleepy time. I am pooped from worky work. Fibby and I love you, meow meow meow and all that jazz. 




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