Friday, March 4, 2011

We have risen from the dead!

        Howdy doody! Fibby and I just woke up from a four hour nap and whenever we both woke up we decided to give you guys a little what's up. The Jersey Shore is in Panama City Beach and we all know what that means... that means that life as Fibby and I know it has remained exactly the same.

        Okay, but in all seriousness, the past couple days were somewhat eventful. I had Tuesday and Wednesday off this week and Tuesday ended up being dedicated to Fibby. She requires my full attention for a whole day from time to time. We watched Moulin Rouge, which I sobbed through, and did other fun kitty stuff like frolicking throughout my house. This is what I call a lazy day, so get off my nuts. On Wednesday, Fibby cried at the house all day while I ditched her to go hang out with Stephanie. That last sentence makes me feel like a real jerk. :c
We...... went to the beach!

... played pool!

... aaaaaand saw Gnomeo & Juliet!

 I'm sorry that I was lazy and didn't feel like scanning this.
        Gnomeo & Juliet was awesome... YOUR LAWN WILL BE AFRAID TO GROW. As was The Adjustment Bureau, which we saw last night after I got off early. I also got to see my friend Ryan yesterday, who seemingly fell off the face of the earth for the past couple months. We ventured to the bank, wally world to get this cool hat and some bandanas...
 I'm feeling pretty thuggin' lately. 
        .... to Mellow Mushroom (the best pizza place EVAR), and to my house to nerd out on some sonic & sega all-stars, even though we didn't both get to play since I haven't invested in a second controller. If Fibby had opposable thumbs, I totally would.  I should get the chance to avenge my skills after work tonight though, with him and his lady friend, Lindsey, since they have two controllers. Stuuuuper stoked! I know that all that probably wasn't THAT wild or anything, but Fibby and I are pretty easily amused.. especially Fibbs; she gets excited when I use the restroom or open the closet. 
 Ahh, childhood. Possey out.


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