Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The cat's IN the bag

        I think that's the corniest title I've come up with yet! I thought it was appropriate though,  considering that Fibby decided to wake me up with the sound of rustling plastic this morning.. just keeping it fresh I suppose. She was having a ball in my package that I planned on returning this evening. I wasn't upset though, because even though I was planning on waking up at 9 to get ready for work, 7:30 wasn't too bad.

 geeeewd morning.

        This also gave me plenty of time to thoroughly enjoy my morning sudoku, jumble, comics, horoscope, and cookie crisp. =)

I used to read Ask Amy, but now it's Amy's daughter, and she is full of lies and bad advice.

        This is where I dozed off and decided to finish this post today, the 15th. 
         So anywho, I had to work a dirty double yesterday at work, which is the reason that I was too lazy to inform you all of the breaking news after I had gotten all clean and sparkly and was relaxing in bed. It was worth the wait though, because boy oh boy do Fibby and I have some other stuff to tell you now. We woke up much more peacefully today, at a happy 10:30, and at our own free will.


       I'm pretty sure that Fibby was already up and at 'em though because when I went to brush my teeth I found a little surprise. 

 it's kind of funny how there's a scratching pad thing right next to it. 

         I took this as her way of telling me that because I didn't clean her litter box yesterday, I don't deserve a proper restroom either. Soooo I cleaned her potty, and we went to wake up my pup.

 in his usual chair.

        Again we read the funnies and our horoscopes, scoffed at the title above Ask Amy, and we skipped sudoku and jumble today. Now I'm sitting here.. I haven't got a clue where Fibby might be. She's probably perched somewhere, ready to scare the bejeebus out of me when I travel in her wake. Since she's not here right now, I have a confession to make.. I've been cheating on Fibby... with... the animals at the pet store!

 Oh, please don't tell her. It meant nothing!

        I swear I'll never speak to the homewrecking bunny again. (It was a rather rude bunny anyway and as for the bedroom, err cage, hellooooo jackrabbit.)
So, I've been doing this for a while now... and I'm starting to wonder how you all feel about it. I've gotten quite a few views from blowing it up on facebook and there is even a few views from Japan (reveal yourself). However, I haven't gotten a single comment or e-mail. I would just like to know what you guys like about the blog and what I should do to improve. E-mail me at fibbysmodernlife@yahoo.com or you can leave comments on the bottom of each post using just your name or as an anonymous user (please do e-mail me if the comment forum isn't working for whatever reason). Toodaloo!


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