Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's raining cats, hallelujah!

        It's raining. It's pouring. I'm eating velveeta. Who's got wet toes this evening? Not this lady.The forecast this week is very promising for my yellow rainboots. I was pretty excited I got to wear them this morning since the opportunity doesn't rise too often. My handy dandy umbrella got to stretch it's spines as well. I'm a big fan of playing in the rain, don't get me wrong, but when I've got places to be and people to see, as I often do being the cool cat that I am, I like to maintain my status as the driest kid on the block.

I've got umbrellas on my umbrella!

        My trusty rubbers, Mr. Umbrella, and I voyaged first to class, where we watched the third episode of The Walking Dead, and then made our way to Wally World, since Fibby was running low on kitten chow. I normally don't allow myself near grocery stores when my belly is less than half full because I become ravenous and want to gobble up everything in sight, but I didn't have time for breakfast today. So, though as per usual, Fibby's needs took up the majority of my expenditure, I did sneak some munchies in. My selections: Velveeta and Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake (my favorite, I love the chunks of crust)... perfect for this wet day.
 The velveeta was boss.

        Now, the angry growls I was receiving from my tum have subsided. Fibby was not really all that thrilled about the new bags of the same food she's been eating forever, as I expected, but I mix it up with the treats so it's okay. Her newest bag is the whisker lickin's tender moments, chicken flavor. She's indifferent to it. No competition against the whiska's temptations, creamy dairy flavor though. All that's left on the agenda before work today is to find a movie to watch. I'm trying to resist watching all the remaining episodes of The Walking Dead on Hulu so I don't spoil the joy I've been getting from it in class for the rest of the week. We will probably end up taking a cat nap too because this rain is making both Fibby and I awfully sleepy, and because napping has sort of taken over my evenings before work ever since I started indulging in them.

she went to bed, bumped her head, and couldn't get up in the morning!

        Perhaps, I'll wait until later tonight to dip into the Ben & Jerry's... but I have a feeling I'll find room in my full belly, oh say... half-way through whatever Fibby and I end up watching. ^.^


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