Monday, March 7, 2011

Roadtrip to Hell

        First off, I'll have you guys know that Fibby and I took another four hour nap after I got home from class today. This is because she decided to keep me up all night last night. It's funny how such a tiny critter can take up such a large portion of the bed when she finally grows tired from the parties that she throws on my face. I woke up a little grumpy today.. though normally, even when I wake up from little sleep, I won't bite your head off as long as I'm allotted just a little bit of quiet time. I also like to sleep with the fan on and wake up with the fan off. Obviously, that's not really possible unless I go-go-gadget extendo arm, have a fan slave, or get one of those nifty clap-on clap-off things (but don't those only work for lights?). I just hate crawling out of my warm, down comforter to face the cold, windy, cruel world and to Fibby attacking my face when my body limbs are all hidden, since I sleep like a caterpillar in a cocoon. I've gotten used to her waking me up this way by now, but this morning she did this with her claws retracted as if she was compelled by Satan or something. She actually managed to draw blood on my chin. 

        So, I left the house slightly peeved at my kitty, but after I got home and as I mentioned, took a four hour nap, all was good within the neighborhood. I had a few errands to run and Fibby is normally a big fan of car rides, so I took her with me. I wish she had told me before we left my humble abode, that she was not in the mood to drive around with me, but instead she just held her sand-papery tongue so she could get her revenge for my bitter mood and for my not saying goodbye to her this morning. No, she didn't poop on me again. She just... made the trip very unpleasant by squirming, threatening with her claws, attaching herself to places.. the like. I think the reason that she acts this way in the car now is because she's gotten smart enough to know that there are times when our 'road trips' end up with her getting a thermometer up her butt, shots, and other unpleasant things. Either way, it is about time I invest in a kitty carrier. The decision has been made... no more happy parrot cat unless we are in the safety of my home.
        One good thing that did come of our adventure is that many of my fellow employees at Pineapple Willy's finally got to meet her, as I needed to go there to get some forms signed. She is something of a celebrity at PW's. 

 My bronzer is leaking off of my face.

        Now we're home and happy as can be. She's taking a nap and I'm eating lasagna before work. My love for her carries on despite the events that took place in the past 15 hours. 

 Go, Gadget, Go!


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